Exercise to Strike up on a Modern Driver
Exercise to Strike up on a Modern Driver
Two common faults I often see with a driver set up when teaching are; weight too left sided , and open shoulder alignment. These are both caused by the alteration with the ball position for the driver. As it's moved left in the stance for a right handed player, the weight tends to go with it, and the shoulders open at the same time. Read more.......

Swing Tips
Swing Tips
Lots of people have asked which swing model they are and how do they know which one will suit them. Here is a straight forward test to see which model will suit your overall flexibility, strength and physical condition. Read more.......

PING Cadence TR Putters

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PING continues to innovate when it comes to putter design and the Cadence TR range is a great example. Two different inserts are designed to suit players with different stroke tempos.

The Cadence TR range from PING features a number of the manufacturer's most iconic head designs. Two different face inserts are available for each model - Traditional for those with a faster putting tempo and Heavy for those with a slower tempo. Features and benefits of the PING Cadence TR range include:

  • Traditional insert (blue face and grip) is aluminium and designed for mid to fast tempos - to assist with lag putting
  • Heavy insert (black face and grip) is stainless steel, adding 25 grams - to assist those with a slower tempo on the shorter putts
  • True-Roll Technology grooves vary in width and depth to provide consistent ball-speed and accuracy
  • Putter styles to suit all stroke types, for example: the Shea H, for those with a strong arc, the Anser, for those with a slight arc, and the B65, for those with a straight stroke
  • Putters feature black PVD finish and white alignment lines
  • Optional adjustable shafts from 31-38 inches
  • Any Cadence TR model can be custom-ordered in a counter-balanced version with 17-inch grip