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Rob McNicholas

03 January 2022

Golf shoes really have come a long way since those tasselled leather clogs with spikes that could puncture a car tyre. They’re sleeker in just about every way, give you much more choice and are infinitely more comfortable. What a time to be alive!

Mizuno Nexlite 008 BOA golf shoes

There’s no greater example of this than Mizuno’s Nexlite 008 Boa golf shoes. As you can see, these give you super-sporty, modern way to wear waterproof golf shoes in winter. No more compromising on performance for the sake of fashion or even missing out on both!

But it’s not just a question of style, is it? Firstly, once you’ve got the look you want on the course, you also want to be playing good golf. These shoes will help you with that too, thanks to an X10 spikeless rubber outsole helping you grip the ground whether it’s wet or dry. This allows you to swing with total confidence and control.

Upgrades in everything from style to traction and lightweight materials...

You’ve also got a featherlight construction we couldn’t have dreamed of five years ago, let alone ten or twenty! The ultra-lightweight design lets you feel a lot closer to walking on a cloud than walking on in mud like the old-school shoes. In fact, you’ll even notice you feel less fatigued when you’re not being weighed down.

Waterproof protection

We told you these shoes were a perfect example of modern engineering advances, and with the upgrades in everything from style to traction and lightweight materials I don’t think you could see it any other way.

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