Are you winter ready?

Rob McNicholas

02 October 2023


4-4-2 is a solid football formation that spaces your players out and gives you a lot of opportunity to move the ball efficiently. But did you have any idea that this handy method could be applied to your golf equipment? When it comes to helping you find the right golf grips for your clubs, Golf Pride use a 4-4-2 grip selection method, and it works a treat.

If you’re not too familiar with the ins-and-outs of grips, we have a handy system in place to help you find the right kind of golf grip for you. 4 personal considerations, 4 grip types, and 2 types of additional tech. Think of it like a football formation, 4-4-2, and here’s how it works…


4 - Customer Considerations



For your clubs to feel good to you, it’s crucial you’re playing with golf grips that are the right size for your hands and feel comfortable as you swing your clubs. If you don’t know your grip size, a good rule of thumb is to place a grip in your palm and curl your middle finger over it. If your finger doesn’t curl all the way around the grip, the grip size is too big. If your finger bunches over the grip, the grip is too small. If your finger is only just touching the pad of your thumb, your grip is the perfect size. Why not stop reading this for 30 seconds and give yours a try?


Now you’re back, you’ll need to consider the likelihood of how regularly your golf grips are going to get wet. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we can never predict the British weather, which is another reason why it’s best to be prepared for rain when planning your golf game. If you’re playing in the rain a lot or you have naturally sweaty hands, you may want to consider a grip that has decent moisture management.

Surface Texture

The grip has obviously got to feel good, and we’re all different and find certain textures feel better than others. Do you prefer a smoother feel or prefer a rougher texture? More padding or less? Luckily for you, whatever your preference, Golf Pride has a golf grip that you’ll love to hold.


We all know what the vibration in our fingers feels like when we strike a golf ball – especially when it’s thin on a freezing cold morning! Certain grips can help dampen or accentuate the sensation. A firm grip will offer greater vibrational feedback, whereas a softer grip will dull the vibrations.


4 - Key grip types




Smooth grips offer are made of a solid rubber and have a non-slip surface pattern to see you through your golf swing without any hiccups.



Softer golf grips provide comfort for players that experience strain in their hands. These comfortable grips will help reduce fatigue so you can stay content throughout your round.


Hybrid / Cord

Hybrid grips are designed with dual materials to give each hand a different yet optimal feel when you’re holding your club.


Full Cord

Cord grips are made to repel moisture away from the rubber sections and help reduce any kind of slippage. This grip is ideal for players who often get sweaty hands.

2 - Additional types of tech


Align Technology

As the name suggests, grips with Align technology will help you place your hands in the right places. Align technology raises the back ridge of the golf grip which acts as a reminder for your hand placement. This will be a really big help if you find your alignment is often off and causing you to hit wayward shots.

PLUS4 Technology

A similarly apt name, PLUS4 tech adds an additional four wraps of tape to the lower half of the grip. This encourages lighter grip pressure, allowing you move your clubs with better workability.

So, to quickly recap, we’re all different and finding the right type of golf grip for you will help you feel at ease and play your game to the best of your ability. As October gets underway, we do have the added challenge of playing in more inhospitable conditions. Therefore it’s of your best interest to go into the colder seasons with the most appropriate grips on your clubs.

Through getting your grips properly assessed, you’ll avoid mishitting your shots and adding some big numbers to the scorecard. If you’re thinking it’s time you had your clubs regripped but you’re not sure of what kind to go with, we’re available and ready to help in the pro shop.

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