Lots of people have asked which swing model they are and how do they know which one will suit them. Here is a straight forward test to see which model will suit your overall flexibility, strength and physical condition.

Take a shoulder width stance approximately 30cm from a wall, flex your knees, hold a club across the chest and lean your head and upper body forwards until the top of your forehead is touching the wall as in (pic a). This will tilt the spine about 35 degrees and get you into a one plane set up. From this position, turn your shoulders and chest as if making a back swing with a driver. The lower half of the body will turn too, don't restrict the hip turn. Once you've done this hold the position (pic b). If the shaft is perpendicular to the wall, you have turned 90 degrees, slightly right of perpendicular means more than 90 degrees and vice versa left of perpendicular.

The basic recommendation that comes from this test is if you can turn your shoulders and upper body 90 degrees then you have a good chance of maximising your ability to use a one plane swing. If you can't reach 90 degrees, this indicates a lack of flexibility that will make it more difficult to develop power on a one plane swing. This is because the body needs to turn more vigorously on the back swing and down swing to create power as opposed to the two plane swing in which the arms work more up and down with a bigger weight transfer to generate power.


Pic APic B

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