I've chosen this swing or a number of reasons, one because it's an unusual fault, two because it's of the correction required and three because Gareth keeps on complaining he's not received my swing review.

As mentioned earlier this is an unusual fault in a golf swing but comes for a myth that swinging it flatter leads to better ball striking and greater distance.

The set up has the weight leaning too much over the toes which will encourage a flat take away, there needs to be more knee flex which will give a more upright spine angle and better posture.

The first move away sees the club head fall in behind the hands at hip height picture 1. Ideally here the shaft of the club would be above the toe line but as you can see it falls in behind the hands.
From here the arms work across the chest but because it starts off too flat it continues to be too flat to the top of the limited (in length) back swing, so much so that the arm plane at the top of he swing is below the shoulder plane, picture 2. Ideally the arms would be at least level if not a touch higher than the shoulders at the top of the back swing.

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These faults cause a very shallow angle of attack and give the club a very small window to square up to the target line, which may cause the hands to over work and flip the club turning into a pull/hook.
The correction is first a better posture, then to feel a more upright setting of the club around hip height. The club only needs to rotate in the lower half of the swing and needs to work vertically from about hip height.

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