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Mizuno CLK Hybrid

Mizuno CLK Hybrid

Rob McNicholas

The CLK hybrid is the perfect way to fill your gaps between irons and fairway woods with a selection of lofts tailored to give you options at the top end of your bag.

A wide, flat crown is designed to breed confidence at address and it certainly works. Coupled with the MAS1C Maraging face, greater energy is able to be transferred at impact creating greater ball speed (distance) and all with the forgiveness we expect from a hybrid.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Structural refinements give a solid Tour-preferred sound at impact
  • Wide, flat crown encourages a more positive swing through increased confidence
  • MAS1X Maraging Face promotes greater ball speeds
  • Dual Wave with wider profile offers higher flight for steeper landing angles
  • Available in 5 lofts, all adjustable by 4 degrees

To give yourself more options at the top end of your bag, come down and try Mizuno's CLK hybrid.

Mizuno CLK Hybrid


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